Mkomazi Newsletter 1999: Kora National Park

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Tony held discussion with Richard Leakey on the future development of Kora and the Trust remain committed to this, although the considerable disciplines of The Mkomazi Project do not allow for much time.

The Trust hope to continue the funding for The Flying Doctor’s Society medical clinics in Asako Village, which through the enthusiasm and commitment of Dr Anne Spoerry, had taken over Tony’s pledge to the people of Asako. Very sadly, Dr Spoerry passed away in her sleep in February. She was 80 years old.

KoraWater rehabilitation was also taken in hand, and we are in contact with AMREF regularly to try to pursue these projects. We received a 1999 - 2000 budget in August 99, which included proposals for both the clinics and the ongoing water rehabilitation. In the meantime, the Trust donated funds for medicinal drugs for the dispensary at Asako.

The Fund for Nature of HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands generously agreed to fund the rebuilding of George Adamson’s camp at Kora, which Tony committed both to the Kenyan Government and KWS. TUSK has also given funds to this. The construction will be of the camp, a memorial, and a ranger post, and will serve as a tourist attraction and give work for the local people there.

KWS, with aid, were able to build the bridge between Meru National Park and Kora National Park across Adamson’s Falls, with a causeway beneath for plant machinery, which is a great step forwards for the linking of these two parks for a future tourist circuit. George Adamson had pushed for this bridge to be built since he first moved to Kora in 1970.

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