Protection from Poachers and Livestock Encroachment

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Protection from Poachers and Livestock Encroachment
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Regular flights around the Reserve are the most efficient form of patrolling and can be an effective deterrent when followed up by ground patrols. Systematic, uncontrolled, and illegal grazing of the Reserve has a detrimental effect on the land, which will in turn not be able to support the wild animal population.

Similarly, poaching and sport hunting were tolerated in the Reserve until 1988. It is clear from the decline in rhino and elephant numbers that the area was a victim of the major depredations of the previous 15 years. Although the commercial meat poaching remains a real danger, it is something that can be contained with determined law enforcement.

Additional airstrips, ranger outposts and roads have been built in order to protect the Mkomazi Game Reserve from poachers, illegal sport hunting, and livestock encroachment. In order to boost morale, ranger salaries have been supplemented with monies from the Trust, and new uniforms and equipment have been donated.

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