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In 1995, the Trust made history by launching East Africa's first captive breeding and translocation program for the critically endangered African Wild Dog. This project began in August 1995 with the arrival of 25 wild dog pups from three different packs on the Masai Steppe, an area where the local Masai pastoralists poison wild dogs in retaliation for killing livestock.

At Mkomazi, the pups immediately settled into their new home, where they now live together in a complex of spacious compounds. All have been inoculated against canine distemper, rabies, parvovirus and leptospirosis, and have had microchips painlessly inserted beneath their skin, so that individual dogs from the different family groups can be identified. The programs first litter of six puppies were born in March 1997.

African wild dogsA joint release/introduction program with the Kenya Wildlife Services has taken place in Tsavo National Park, integrating four males from the captive program with Mkomazi, with four wild caught females with hunting experience from Kenya. This has been a partial success and similar programs will continue in larger national parks in Tanzania where the dogs will have the greatest chance of success.

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