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GCC is a strong supporter of the Tony Fitzjohn/George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust. The main project funded by the trust is the Mkomazi Game Reserve. Mkomazi is a 1,500 square mile Game Reserve in Tanzania, East Africa. It is an important model for wildlife rehabilitation and preservation around the world. Located in northeast Tanzania, it is bordered to the north by Tsavo, Kenya's largest national park. Together, these two reserves form one of the largest protected ecosystems in Africa.

The Tony Fitzjohn/George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust works with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and the Department of Wildlife in this project. Field Director of the Trust, Tony Fitzjohn, is well on his way to rebuilding the damaged ecosystem of the Reserve, affecting a profound change in the preservation of African wildlife on the brink of extinction.

Rhino eating Every continent on Earth has seen a loss of large mammals. Within the last 20,000 years, North America has lost its giant ground sloths and mammoths. Europe has lost the Irish elk and the cave bear, and in Australia, the marsupial lion and giant kangaroos have disappeared. But there is still a chance for Africa to retain its indigenous species. The Mkomazi Project can play a critical role in the important steps that need to be taken to protect its wildlife.

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