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College Textbook

The Global Environmental Alliance - China is excited to announce the creation of a groundbreaking new textbook on environmental issues, designed for college students across China who are studying to become elementary and secondary teachers. This textbook, entitled "Breaking New Ground: Case Studies in Environmental Issues," has been organized by GEA-China to advance thinking about environment and development within the country.

Most teaching about environmental issues is currently being done by elementary and secondary level teachers who have no training or background in this field. Designed for such teachers (and students studying to be teachers), this new textbook uses environmental education to help teachers adjust their teaching style to meet the requirements of educational reform while providing them with a solid grounding in environmental issues. This textbook is a wonderful example of what cooperation can accomplish between the Chinese and American people.

With high level endorsements and support from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as forewords by Madame Deng Nan and Al Gore, the textbook will be read by thousands of Chinese teachers over its estimated useful life of ten years. And these teachers in turn will reach millions of students with the knowledge they have gained from this book.

New Textbook
Professor Pan Shumin of Capitol Normal University, co-editor of Breaking New Ground: Case Studies in Environmental Issues, displaying the first copy of this new textbook during a recent meeting with GEA-China Co-Chair Laura Utley.


Textbook for 8th/9th Grade Students

The Global Environmental Alliance - China (GEA-China) is also creating a groundbreaking new curriculum and textbook on sustainability and the environment. This curriculum is the result of a truly unprecedented collaboration between three Chinese ministries: the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, and the State Environmental Protection Agency. This collaboration has been organized by GEA-China to advance environmental education within the country. In coming together with GEA-China on the development and distribution of this curriculum, these three agencies have broken with their long standing tradition of independent operation in recognition of the urgency of China's environmental problems and the critical need to cooperate to find solutions to these problems.

The GEA-China curriculum is being designed by the foremost US and Chinese leaders in environmental education. They have conceived a cutting edge curriculum that is simultaneously global in its concepts and Chinese in its context. It is expected that many other nations will be attracted to the unique and powerful curriculum and will publish it with their own cultural and environmental adaptations.

With such prestigious endorsements and support, the textbook is virtually guaranteed to be read by millions of Chinese students over its estimated useful life of ten years. This offers a remarkable opportunity for a potential corporate sponsor of the textbook to squarely align themselves with the most important trend of the new millenium: environmental and sustainability education.

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