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"I am compelled to once again salute GEA-China. GEA-China has demonstrated a remarkable ability not only to advance the field of environmental education in China, but also to enhance the dialogue between environmental educators in the US and China. I hope that this fruitful Sino-American cooperation on environmental education will grow and expand."

Al Gore, July 10, 2002 in Foreward to the book, "Breaking New Ground: Case Studies in Environmental Issues"

"While China is embarking on rapid economic growth, we must take into consideration the balance between the population, resources, environment and development. We must make sure that leaders at all levels, and the general public fully understand sustainable development and this calls for our continued efforts in publicity and education"

Jiang Zemin, President of the People's Republic of China at the "China Agenda 21" Roundtable in 1994

"In the 21st century your generation must make it your mission to ensure that today's progress does not come at tomorrow's expense. For example, China's remarkable growth in the past two decades has come at a toxic cost pollutants that foul the water you drink and the air you breathe This is a huge challenge to you, for the American people, and for the future of the world. And it must be addressed et the university level, because political leaders will never be willing to adopt environmental measures if they believe it will lead to large-scale unemployment or poverty-which does no have to happen. As you build a new China, America wants to build a new relationship with you. Our two nations will be far better off working together than apart".

President Clinton to Beijing University Students, June 29, 1998

"This program is critically important to China's sustainable development, proving that there are many fields for Sino-U.S. cooperation"

Madame Deng Nan, upon signing the agreement to create GEA - China, Source: China Daily, December 15, 1997

"For today's children to become tomorrow's earth stewards, they need a thorough understanding of global environmental issues. But that understanding alone is not enough. They also need to know how to work together with people from all countries and cultures to solve environmental problems. They need to share experiences, and to absorb the values of responsible environmental citizenship. The GEA - China project is a major first step in accomplishing these objectives."

Laura Utley, Chairwoman and Founder, Global Communications for Conservation, U.S. Chairwoman GEA - China

"Madame Deng has played an important role on environmental matters which in a developing country like Chine is not easy end of great consequence and I want to congratulate the organizers (GCC) of this evening for recognizing it and I want to congratulate Madame Deng for the honor that is going to be bestowed to her tonight."

Dr. Henry Kissinger GCCI/GEA - China Inaugural Event, New York, December 10, 1997

"Fortunately, China has forward-thinking leaders like Madame Deng Nan who understand the need to develop strategies for sustainable development for the 21st Century and the need to encourage and train an educated citizenry to carry out these strategies. The textbooks that the China Environmental Global Alliance are presenting to educators today are a welcome first step in a program to raise the environmental awareness of China's most important resource -- its young people. I know this effort by the Global Communications for Conservation and the Ministry of Science and Technology will lead to a brighter future for China."

James R. Sasser, U.S. Ambassador to China

"We are pleased to be part of the GEA - China/ENRON partnership. ENRON looks forward to becoming the preferred supplier of clean and reliable energy to China. The achievement of this goal will bring a wholesome environment to the world at large."

John L. Fugh, Chief Representative of Enron Corp. Beijing Representative Office and Chairman, Enron International China

"On flights every day between China and the U.S., United Airlines offers passengers an extraordinary perspective on our world. Environmental concerns transcend national boundaries. At United Airlines we are committed to advancing environmental education and awareness through initiatives such as GEA - China. That is why we are supporting this historic effort by the Chinese government and a US-based nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a global model for environmental education. As GEA - China takes off, United Airlines is pleased to be associated with this unique partnership."

Christopher Lin, General Manager, People's Republic of China, United Airlines

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