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GEA - China is working with members of MOST's International Training Center for Sustainable Development to refine an initial set of projects to build a vibrant environmental education system. GEA - China is also targeting key leverage points and developing links with U.S. institutions and projects to advance an infrastructure within China to support environmental education.


Madame Deng Nan and Laura Utley presenting the "Water Conservation" books to Chinese students.

  • Facilitate emerging environmental technologies by introducing leading edge technology .

  • Select, secure rights to, and make available the best environmental education materials, software, and textbooks for translation and dissemination by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

  • Develop training programs for government officials and teachers .

  • Initiate new national environmental education programs, such as contests and collaborative field data collection.

Environmental Education Activities


  • Enhance summer environmental camps and programs

  • Expand environmental education/science training centers

  • Promote environmentally-sound school facilities and operations programs

Catalyze a vibrant community of environmental educators in China through training, tools, and community building:

  • Hold a series of Sino-U.S. summits with environmental education leaders from both countries to improve environmental education activities

  • Establish a China environmental education resources website

  • Help create and establish national standards for environmental education

  • Develop and hold teacher training initiatives

  • Create a professional environmental education society, journal, and national conference in China

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