Environmental Action Progress Report for Energy Conservation Education (November 1999)

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So far, most pilot schools have implemented Energy Conservation education smoothly under their education plan of this semester.

After completing the "Analyze" phase, one of the pilot schools, Renda Middle School organized a site visit to Shijingshan power station, which locate in the western suburb of Beijing. Students on Junior 2 attended this activity. During the course of visiting, students understood how electricity can be generated, and what environment impacts power generation will bring to. Students were deep impressed by this visit, and got first-hand information about what pros and cons energy bring to us. Also, a video tape was made for this activity, and was shown on the campus cable television.

Other schools divided students into action groups, and conducted energy audit in their compus under the guidance of textbook. Some teachers developed Energy Conservation Convey Sheet, to investigate the energy awareness of students and their families. Some other schools organized student to enlist slogans for energy conservation.

Due to the relative short time this semester, some of the pilot schools make an abridgement for Energy Conservation textbook.

GEA - China Chinese staff downloaded the web pages on GCCI Web Site, on which the description of pilot schools and their pictures were featured. These web pages were distributed to some relative schools. Both teachers and students were excited when they saw their school name and their pictures on the web pages.

About the suggestions for textbook, some teacher put forward that some specific contents in the textbook may be not proper to Chinese student. Such as the electric meter in China is straight-reading meter, instead of circular-reading meter in US.

Also, according to the feedback reports from teachers, we found environment knowledge of some environmental teachers should be improved urgently. One teachers even considered the "waste battery recycle" as an energy conservation activity. So, providing another training about environment knowledge is highly necessary.

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