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The Global Environmental Alliance - China (GEA-China), is a partnership between Global Communications for Conservation, and China's Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST). This New York-based non-profit and China's MOST has organized a unique environmental education exchange between America and China.

The two-week exchange began on September 12th with the arrival of a delegation of students, teachers and government officials from China - all involved with environmental education programs and resource management issues.

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o Special Recognition
o Exchange Participants
o Participant Feedback
o Letter from V.P. Al Gore

There are great ... opportunities in the future for the U.S. and China to work together for the protection of the global environment, and I look forward to ... our future cooperation.
-- Jentai Yang, Ph.D., United States Environmental Protection Agency

I would like to express my sincere gratitude ... on behalf all members of the Chinese group. This trip will be for all to remember for a lifetime.
-- Chen Kun Under Secretary General Chinese Society for Sustainable Development

o Day 13: Washington D.C. (National Zoo)
o Day 12: Washington D.C. (Smithsonian)
o Day 11: Washington D.C. (GLOBE, School Visits)
o Day 10: Washington D.C. (Capitol, Dept. of Interior, EPA)
o Day 8: Yosemite
o Day 7: Intro to Camping 101
o Day 7: Yosemite
o Day 6: Shambala Game Preserve
o Day 6: California ScienCenter
o Day 5: Universal Studios
o Day 5: Shaqtacular
o Day 4: Arrive at Universal Studios
o Day 4: Baird Middle School and Duncan High School
o Day 3: San Joaquin River
o Day 3: A Day at School
o Day 2: Baird Middle School via the San Luis Reservoir
o Day 2: Monterey Bay Aquarium
o Day 1: San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Monterey
o Full Itinerary

California MapThis program provided five students, ages 13 through 18, with the opportunity to visit the United States and participate in environmental study programs in U.S. schools. The students are the grand prizewinners, chosen from thousands of students who entered a GEA-China Earth Day 2000 environmental awareness contest published in the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper.

Joining the students were three master teachers who are involved with GEA's innovative Environmental Education programs. The visit to America allowed these teachers the further chance to understand how our programs are taught in the US.

Also participating in this groundbreaking exchange were three high-ranking government officials from China's Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Environmental Protection Administration of China and Beijing Municipal Education Commission.

The purpose of the exchange was to enhance relations and understanding between China and the United States. GEA-China arranged for the students and teachers to visit schools on both the East and West Coast. They stayed in the homes of host families and they developed friendships that will grow throughout their lifetime. Meanwhile, the Chinese ministry officials met with U.S government agency leaders to better understand the American methods of resource and civic management.

In the interest of giving the delegation first-hand experience with resource management practices in the United States, visits were arranged to national parks, an aquarium, a game reserve and zoo.

GEA-China and its co-hosts arranged media encounters for the delegation to draw attention to this program that will surely enhance U.S./China relations for years to come.

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