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February 1, 2003
China Environment News

Original article from China Environment NewsChina’s Global Environmental Alliance – Inspires Creativity

China’s Global Environmental Alliance (GEA) was founded in 1997 by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and the U.S. nonprofit organization Global Communications for Conservation. The main objectives of this project are to develop educational materials on sustainable development and environmental education suitable for use in elementary schools, secondary schools and universities, to train a group of environmental educators using the environmental protection education and training developed, and to develop various types of environmental education events to improve public knowledge about the environment, especially for young people.

The organization has translated and published a series of six environmental education volumes compiled by its U.S. counterparts. In the year 2000 more than 10,000 free volumes were sent to 55 elementary schools and secondary schools in the city of Beijing. Elementary and secondary school environmental educators, including an editor for these educational materials, were hired in Beijing and U.S. environmental education experts conducted training on how to use the materials. The project is currently developing local materials for China, in order to make the educational materials better suited to new curriculum standards and new outlines in China’s elementary schools, secondary schools and universities. Of these, the secondary school and university educational materials have been completed and published, and some are now being used at teacher training universities.

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GEA unites environmental education and China’s standardized educational curriculum and attempts to establish a complete system of educational materials from elementary school to the university. In carrying out this project, various teachers at various locations were selected to conduct training appropriate to China’s educational reform process and promote orderly development of environmental education.

Tai Gui Hua is grateful for the support provided by Prof. Pan Shumin of Capital Normal University.

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