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GEA - China is proud to announce that The Western Academy of Beijing has become one of the three latest additions to implement our Environmental Action Series into their curriculum. The GEA - China program is now featured in a total of 55 schools in Beijing.

The three new pilot schools are

  • The Western Academy of Beijing
  • Hua Jia Di Xiao Xue
  • Beijing Huaxia Girls' Academy

GEA - China, February 2000 Update

As of January 25, 2000 an agreement was reached between Michael Crook of The Western Academy and the GEA - China Board of Directors to make the Western Academy part of this innovative Environmental Education Program. Michael stated that they would be sending teachers to the GEA - China teacher training scheduled to be held in Beijing on the 15 - 17th of April 2000. The Beijing Huaxia Girls' Academy is the only private high school for girls to receive government support. Besides the regular high school courses set by China's national curriculum, courses specific for girls is offered in eight disciplines. Huaxia actively engages in international exchange. It's mission is to develop the potential of the students to have broad accomplishments, wholesome individuality, and to be prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Pan Shumin, GEA - China-US Liaison; Dean Paschall, Executive Director GEA - China/US; Laura Utley, GEA - China/US Chair

Dr. Li Yiru of the Beijing Huaxia Girls' Academy with Laura Utley and Dean Paschall

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