Safari Planet Earth Award 1995
October 30th, 1995
Presented by Katie Couric, co-anchor of NBC's "Today Show"
Roseland Ballroom, New York City

Jim Fowler accepting the Safari Planet Earth Award

Katie Couric and Jim Fowler with a 7-week old leopard

For over 30 years, Jim Fowler has been educating people about the importance of protecting wildlife and the wilderness. He is probably best known for his work on television as co-host of "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom", but he was also presently the Wildlife Correspondent for NBC's "Today Show", a frequent guest on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson", and frequently lectures on the topic of the natural world to a wide range of audiences. In 1994, Jim co-founded with GCC Ambassadors for Wildlife through Education (AWE), a national organization for professional wildlife lecturers.

He brought with him a llama, pygmy goats, a baby kinkajou, a black leopard, a giant condor, an anaconda, and a hawk.

Other guests included Ali McGraw, who explained to the audience how the proceeds of the evening would be distributed to worthy environmental wildlife education endeavors around the world, Margaux Hemingway, Katie Couric, Karen Mulder, Gloria Steinem, Liliane Montevecchi, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and Tonya Bird.

"We have more and more people who are totaly disconnected from the reality of any of the things living on the planet with us. A lot of people never have the chance to look in the eye of something like an eagle. These animals act as ambassadors. When the day comes that I have to bring along a stuffed animal bought in a gift shop to tell people how wonderful it is, it will be too late."

Jim Fowler

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