Safari Planet Earth Award 1994
October 31st, 1994
Presented by: Walter Cronkite
Roundabout Theater Company, New York City

Betty Leslie-Melville accepting her Safari Planet Earth Award

Walter Cronkite, Dr. Noel Brown, and Ali McGraw

"I have one philosophy: You are only sorry for what you don't do, so try everything on for size and wear what fits."

Betty Leslie-Melville

For the past 20 years, Betty Leslie-Melville (giraffe lady) has dedicated her life to saving the endangered Rothschild Giraffe. She founded the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW), the first wildlife education center for African children, wrote 10 books on giraffes and Africa, and has lectured worldwide.

Other guests included Jim Fowler and his animal friends, wildlife photographer Peter Beard, Dr. Noel Brown, George Plimpton, and entertainers Ali McGraw and Geoffrey Holder.

"We are all on our own Safari through life, and it is this travel through life that is symbolized bye the concept of Safari Planet Earth."

Walter Cronkite

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