Global Communications for Conservation, Inc. (GCC) is a not-for-profit organization created to support conservation initiatives and to increase public awareness of the need to create a worldwide ethic of respect and reverence for all life. Conservation is broadly defined as the protection of bio-diversity, which includes wildlife and wild-lands, domestic animals, indigenous cultures the sustainable use of natural resources and the interdependence of all planetary life. Global awareness will be facilitated through media attention, educational programs and related field projects.

On-going Projects
Project Location Description
African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) Kenya

AFEW brings in over 40,000 African school children each year to their Giraffe Education Center outside Nairobi teaching them about conservation, wildlife, and environmental protection practices.

Center for Integrative Animal Health (CIAH) USA Veterinary research: the study, development and teaching of complementary and alternative medical approaches to animal health care for companion animals and wildlife.
Global Environmental Alliance - China (GEA-China) China A joint co-operation between GCC and the Chinese Ministery of Science and Technology (MOST), implementing an environmental education curriculum in Chinese elementary schools, high schools, and universities, as well as developing a training program on the environment and sustainable development for senior government officials.
Esmond Bradley Martin Reports From Yemen Yemen Despite prominent conservation efforts to save endangered rhino, Esmond Bradley Martin reports from Yemen that the market for rhino horn remains robust. In an investigation funded by Global Communications for Conservation and the Friends of Howletts & Port Lympne, Dr. Bradley Martin and Lucy Vigne discovered 100 craftsmen repairing or fashioning the rhino horn dagger handles, worn by the men of Yemen as a symbol of their masculinity.
First Nations Development Institute Worldwide Support of the First Nations Development Institute to assist their efforts with indigenous people's struggles in the world, which includes funding for Olympic Opportunities for Australian Tourism Campaign and promoting sustainable, community-driven econmic development on Native American reservations.
Ghana Wildlife Society Ghana Support and attendance for Caretakers of the Environment Annual Conferences, the Pan African Wildlife Clubs Generator Workshop in Malawi (completed), Wildlife Clubs of Ghana, and Save the Seashore Birds Project in Ghana
Heirloom Galleries USA Wildlife art gallery supporting wildlife projects
International Film and Television Exchange USA Sponsored the Conference on the Politics of the Environment.
Public Service Announcements USA Production of environmental Public Service Announcements for national television
Safari Planet Earth USA On-going Safari Planet Earth programs, including the SPE Awards and SPE Eco-tours (custom organized wildlife tours).
Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) USA GCC staff selects and prepares pertinent information for inquiries generated by public service announcements and education/awareness programs.
Student field programs USA Student field programs in the United States
The Tony Fitzjohn/George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trusts Tanzania Restoration of 1.5 million acres of habitat, protection of endangered species, and an outreach program providing environmental education activities for children in and near the Mkomazi Game Reserve

Completed Projects
Project Location Description
African Elephants Namibia Research on elephant protection
American Museum of Natural History USA Lecture series over 4 weekends in the fall of 1993 on wildlife conseration: predators, prey, and habitat.
Batoto Yetu USA A Harlem-based youth group providing environmental education programs and the study of cultural heritage
Brown Bear French Pyrenees Protection of the Brown Bear
Census Study Ivory Coast First-time census study of Ivory Coast elephants
CHAI: "Living Together" Israel An environmental and humane education program bringing together Jewish and Arab children to learn how to protect the environment, preserve habitats, and relieve animal suffering
China Environmental Fund China/USA Grant allocated for the US-China Sister City Environmental Education Exchange,a high profile, effectively targeted program to bring US and Chinese educators and students together on a range of environmental issues.
COOPEAMA Brazil An Amazon Rain Forest cooperative ecologically extracting natural resources (fundraising in concert with UNEP)
Cornell University USA Supported rabies research at the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine
Dog Project USA A global outreach program to help improve the well-being of our closest companions
Earth Summit in Rio DeJaniero, 1992 Brazil Provided film crew coverage of the 1992 Earth Summit to produce docu-educational films
Earth Vision Posters China Support to provide posters and visual arts materials with themes on environmental protection, sustainable development, and civic responsibility.
GCC Calendars USA Publication of two 1993 GCC calendars, "African Wildlife" and "African Elephants," with proceeds supporting Dr. Richard Leakey/Kenya Wildlife Service
Global Cycle Worldwide A team of riders circumnavigating the globe via bicycle, providing schoolchildren along the route and around the world with an opportunity to build connections through interactive environmental and social educational experiences, and fostering within them a passion for discovery
Hua Jia Di Xiao Xue and Western Academy of Beijing China A forestation project for elementary school children with field trips and tree plantings, including multi-curriculum study of China's ancient trees, anti-desertificatin campaign, and soil erosion
Kenya Wildlife Fund Canada Comprehensive support
Kenya Wildlife Service Kenya Comprehensive support
SAIDIA Africa For the children of Africa, provided support for Sadia's objectives to facilitate and enchance the training of African surgeons through local conferences/workshops and programs along with Saidia's aim to provide an outstanding forum for the exchange of knowledge and techniques between Africa and the U.S.
Sixty Seconds for the Environment France Production of a series of 60-second environmental information spots for worldwide television
Wildlife Rehabilitation Council USA Sponsorship of the Fourteenth Annual Seminar of New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.
Yellowstone National Park USA Reintroduction of the wolf to its natural habitat

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