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Director: Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M, M.S.

Workshop: Kindred Spirits, Holistic & Natural Animal Health Care, August 21-25, 2004

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The purpose of CIAH is to study, develop and teach complementary and alternative medical approaches to animal health care, both companion animals (large and small) as well as wildlife. Over the past seven years, the center has supported advanced study and development of various veterinary alternative therapies, including acupuncture, chiropractic, and botanical medicine.

Dr. Allen Schoen (R) treating a pony for non-surgical colic through acupuncture. Dr. Brian Baker (L) of South Africa observes.
Photo courtesy of B. Schoen

CIAH has the potential to develop further in a number of different areas depending on available funding. Future potential projects include:

  1. A planned sabbatical for Dr. Schoen to further develop new approaches to complementary and alternative veterinary medicine.
  2. Possible non-profit animal medical center for complementary and alternative health care in Westchester or Fairfield County.

This center would be a referral center for alternative and complementary veterinary medicine. This center would be a multi-doctor center and have the potential to provide this type of health care for both large and small animals and wildlife. In addition, it would provide the first opportunities for internships and residencies in this new field.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has just developed new guidelines for complementary and alternative medicine recommending further development of teaching and research in this field. Dr. Schoen was a member of this committee.

Dr. Allen Schoen treating a dog with chiropractic.

Photo courtesy of B. Schoen

The center would be developed for clinical treatment evidence-based clinical research (without harming laboratory animals) and teaching programs for veterinarians, veterinary technicians and the public. Dr. Schoen would be the medical director. Additional qualified veterinarians trained by Dr. Schoen would be treating patients and collecting data for publications. Collaboration with human medical institutions developing complementary and alternative medicine in human medicine and the comparative veterinary implications is already planned. This center would be the first of its kind in the world and be a prototype for other centers. Funding would be derived from patient care, charitable donations and research grants.

Both of these projects have the potential to make major breakthroughs in animal health care and transform the current system into a more comprehensive integrated approach to veterinary medicine. In addition, collaborative efforts with human complementary and alternative medical institutions would offer great possibilities for development in human health care as well.

Dr. Schoen is not available for online consultations, but you can find a qualified practitioner near you through the "links" area on his Web site:

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