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Conducting research and unraveling the mysteries of nature, is important to the survival of the natural world but in recent years it has become apparent that the challenge of the future is to learn how to affect public attitudes and. make people care. Even though we've learned much about- the habits and movements of animals, we have failed to form a strong connection between the existence of the natural world and the needs of humans so that our relationship with nature becomes important to our lives.

Political agendas seldom include, a discussion of the biological laws of nature and their relationship to hum-an destiny. The average person, it is sad to say is probably unaware of the role that open space and wilderness, wildlife and wetlands play in al. preserving our quality of life, and some say, our very survival. We are rapidly losing biological diversity, wildlife and its habitat. The extinction of species is knocking at our door. Now, it is time to learn how to communicate in this age of communication, to reach people, to people that care, not just about the facts of animals and their needs, but why their existence is important to us. If we are going to affect change in governmental policy, it often seems that voter pressure and media attention axe necessary.

There is a desperate need for well-trained spokespeople for the natural world who know how to speak with conviction to audiences in person or on television to carry a strong message to people throughout our nation. Ambassadors for Wildlife through Education, "AWE", is an organization for professionals who speak- to the public or present lecture demonstrations with the help of slides, film or safe, handle-able animals while using the latest educational techniques to create a deep and lasting effect on the attitudes of people.

There is probably nothing more important today than the need to form and maintain real connections with animals and nature.

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