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The African Predator Conservation Research Organization’s (APCRO) mission is to initiate and facilitate multidisciplinary conservation research on the continent of Africa to allow for the gathering of scientific information that will increase the potential long-term survivability of native carnivores.


The African Predator Conservation Research Organization consists of a diverse group of researchers, primarily from the fields of veterinary medicine and genetics, whose common goal is to gather knowledge and initiate original research projects of carnivores in their natural environment. These scientific investigations will thoroughly examine the role of disease, genetics, reproductive potential, parasitism, nutrition and pathology as it relates to the survivability of these species. The APCRO recognizes these predators continually interact with one another at various levels and thus we are committed to examining the interactions of the various groups in regards to interspecies disease transmission, parasitism and pathology. The groups also will be compared by levels of genetic variability, reproductive potential, and nutritional status in similar and dissimilar ecosystems. The group also supports field projects that have an overall positive impact on environments that support sustainable populations of carnivores.

In general, we are examining the current viability and health of the animals as well as evaluating their potential for long-term survivability.

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